Info Exterior and Affan Working Together

Info Exterior, INFO EXT LOGO

Neil outlined the brief for the project in January. His vision was to create a 3-dimensional desk, complete with internal feature lighting using Affan’s technical expertise in structural composites. He was particularly specific that the desk should have a free form shape and a finish to replicate the hull of a boat

In February the team were able to present a complete 3D model of the designed solution, which after some minor discussions and a review of the colours available, was signed off by Neil for production.

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Production is complete, and a full set of photos can be seen in our reference section.

Please check back to see the completed project in our reference section.

Affan Completes Installation for Sky Dive Dubai

AFFAN – Sky Dive Dubai.

Affan recently completed the installation of the steel and glass structure of Sky Dive Dubai’s high tech glazed indoor parachuting practice facility. The 14m curved and toughened glass tube was shipped from Europe and installed in 6 full height pieces before sealing with a proprietary silicone seal specifically suited for the structure. The glass units had to be specially manufactured in Europe due to their extreme dimensions. The entrance and exit air lock were also fabricated in Europe complete with stainless steel accessories before being installed by Affan as part of the sub contract works. This is only the second structure of its kind in the UAE, the first one being installed at Mirdiff Mall .

The facility in Dubai is unique in being able to offer customers and specialist parachutists both internal and external practice facilities and is already drawing parachuting enthusiasts from around the GCC. For a full project description please see Sky Dive Dubai under our “Project References.”