Dubai Investment Park Factory

Since the founding of the company by Dr Amer Affan in 2004 in Dubai, UAE, Affan has established itself as one of the market leaders in steel and glass structures. Innovation is the company’s mantra and in 2009, the company turned to advanced structural composites as a material of the future. As architects look to push the boundaries of what can be designed so Affan has developed its technology to follow suit.


At Affan we strive to deliver quality at every stage of the construction process. From our initial meetings with customers, architects and contractors to the final handover of each prestigious project.


Our philosophy is to offer the right solution to realize the customer’s vision, whether in steel, glass, advanced structural composite or cutting edge materials such as titanium. We will never be restricted in our search to deliver the right solution.


Using technical know how developed by companies such as CFK Valley, Affan has become one of the leading companies in the GCC able to design, supply, fabricate, and install advanced structural composite solutions.


Since its beginning in 2004, Affan has become a truly international company. Projects were initially completed in UAE but in the last 10 years, Affan has successfully delivered projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the smaller Emirates, Qatar, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.


In 2014 Affan commenced discussions on projects in Europe and the Far East and news of our latest acquisitions will be available soon in our News section.