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Building Maintenance Systems (BMU)


As architects constantly seek to stretch the boundaries of what is possible in design, at Affan we realize that to be part of this evolution we have to have both the best design personnel, combined with state of the art software. Together with an innovative approach to material selection we have the flexibility to turn the architect’s vision, into a reality, that can be safely installed and commissioned.

Our designers and engineers are the core of our business. Selected for their competence on software such as 3D Catia, Tekla, Abacus and NDN, they can quickly take an AutoCAD design and turn it into a production model demonstrating in the process whether a particular design can in fact be realized.

This input is invaluable to architects and provides a tool for collaboration in the early stages of the design process that builds valuable project team relationships, and confidence from the professional team that their project is in good hands.


In parallel with the design process, it’s important to select the materials that will be required to achieve the architect’s vision. Affan has established itself as a market leader in complex steel and glass structures. In recent years Affan has turned to advanced structural composites as the material of the future.

Traditionally used in the world of aviation, super yachts and wind turbines, high performance fiber composites offer designers a material which is incredibly light but stronger than steel. Development of carbon as a key fiber has transformed aviation design to the point where the aircraft now consists, entirely of structural composite. At Affan we constantly look for solutions to our construction problems and in considering the use of composites, turned to CFK Valley for their advice and support.

Today our calculations and assessments are checked by a subsidiary company of Airbus which gives our Clients comfort that their design solutions are approved by experts in composite design and construction.

In addition, Affan is a member of CFK Valley, A network of companies who share their expertise in the field of structural composites. Their support is invaluable as we look to new ways of introducing composites into the world of construction.


Affan has two facilities in Dubai. Our technical office in Al Qouz, and soon to be completed, state of the art fabrication center in Dubai Investment Park, Jebl; Ali.

European machinery has been selected for its reliability and precision enabling Affan to cut, machine, fold, and assemble all the components of its specialized structures.


Constructed over 10,000m² on 2 floors, Affan has;

     – composite milling, mold making, metal fabrication and assembly

     – steel cutting, machining, welding, fabrication and assembly

     – bespoke structural composite infusion and assembly tables


Our solutions are always aimed at maximizing the benefits of factory fabrication, including tighter tolerances, improved quality and preassembled structures to minimize site time and improve health and safety performance. All under the direction of our experienced production management team, the company is constantly refining its equipment and machinery to keep pace with the advances in design solutions.


We believe that the secret to a successful installation starts with proper thought out design. We design for fabrication and we design for installation.


The benefits are clear;

     – Less people on site.

     – Reduced installation durations.

     – Less risk of incident and accident by reducing operations at height and handling of dangerous materials ie glass.


From our Project Director down to our site installers, the majority of our people are directly employed giving greater control of quality by using known trained operatives. Depending on the location of our project we may utilize local labour to supplement our teams as and when necessary.


Since 2006 Affan and Manntech have enjoyed a joint venture, providing bespoke solutions for cleaning and maintenance to numerous buildings in the GCC.


The combination of Affan’s local manufacturing combined with Manntech’s equipment, fabricated in Germany, means that Affan is able to offer a unique proposition to building owners and consultants. Our experienced team are able to provide valuable advice during the initial design discussions at the outset of the project, comprehensive design, fabrication, installation and maintenance service that can be tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

Affan latest innovation will shortly see the use of a carbon fiber davit system capable of providing access to the facades buildings and lifting for glass replacement at a fraction of the cost of traditional machines.


Please refer to Affan News section for updates on this development that could radically change how clients and consultants will deal with building maintenance in the future.